Fenton Fox, New company, piles of cash, Spring/summer 2015, start-ups, swimwear
Fenton Fox is a new swimwear company, with USA-made line debuting for Spring/Summer 2015.

Fenton Fox is a new swimwear company, with its USA-made line debuting in Spring/Summer 2015.

Did I become a swimwear designer?  Well, I was becoming more and more restless with the uncertainty of my career choice (Costume Designer for film and TV).  While I love the shit out of that job, one of my biggest issues is that it’s unpredictable, and I needed something to fill in the gaps of no work.  For a few years, I tried to make my lingerie company take off, but I just didn’t devote the time (this relates in company’s failure!*).  I needed to steer my unorthodox skills-set combo of fashion, organizational prowess, and budgeting into a new, more controllable arena.

Even though I’m in Chicago, swimming, surfing, the ocean and lakes–all water–are near and dear to my heart.  Since I wanted to start a clothing line and learn the business side of things, it seemed like starting with a specific focus would be good–swimwear.  Turns out it is!  It’s not opening my life up to a bunch of free time, but it is re-sparking my creative side and encouraging my budgeting/organizing/calculating/timing/controlling/hard work nerdy side to work together and learn about start-ups.  Making me ask questions like “how can I get a pile of cash” and figure out how to do it.  xo

*failing is totally ok!


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