Guess where I want to be?

swimwear, vacation

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 6.13.27 PMIn this hot tub in Finland!  I would also accept Puerto Rico, Bali, Argentina, Thailand, Portugal, Fiji, or really any where else that’s beautiful and not Chicago in the winter.

Whelp, I DO love Chicago, and it’s an aight place to be creative.  When I tell people I’m starting a swimwear line, a lot of time they like to sarcastically respond with, “Wow–swimwear in Chicago–that makes sense.”  It just never occurred to me that it didn’t make sense.  I understand that it’s not exactly tropical here, but I would say that most people I cross paths with, like 99% of them, go places where they need a bathing suit.  Including me!  Shouldn’t those suits be radical and fresh?  The answer is yes, and the answer is to design swimwear in Chicago–maybe while dreaming of Finland.  xo


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