Wheeeeeeeee! We got our first Fenton Fox Fox!

art, foxy lady, swimwear

photo 3photo 1

And her name is Gwen.  We met at the Art Institute of Chicago and got our culture on.  One extremely helpful gentleman schooled us on the floors in the Modern wing, informing that they cost $1600 per square foot.  I’m calling shenanigans, but not until I can disprove it after this post.  Anyway–some cool stuff happening there now–photos from LA, NY, and Chicago during the 60’s and 70’s, and an eerie collection called STILLS by Sarah Charlesworth.

While we enjoyed our cocktails, free hot chocolate and coffee in the member’s lounge (we fancy), I got to know some finer points about this fox.  Naturally we talked about swimwear and what she does in her Fenton Foxes.  Her favorite beachy pastime is to gather her favorite ladies in a primo spot, fan out an assortment of fashion magazines, strip down to our bikinis, apply our coconut scented lotion, crack open a beer and press play on the boom box.  If I don’t get the invite, I swear to god, Gwen…

A fun fact about Gwen is that she has used the same eyeliner since “maybe high school”?  She showed me this nub and said she thought it was L’oreal but I think maybe it’s Maybelline.  xo


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